Daily API RoundUp: Western Union, Currency Quake, Elebase, PlanSource, eMoney

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Payments, Financial, and Monetization. Highlights include new APIs from Western Union and an API for managing employee benefits. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Western Union has introduced new APIs under its Western Union Business Solutions Unit. The Western Union Money Transfer API allows users to connect to the Western Union in-person and account payout network for remittance services. It can return service options and corresponding fee estimates, validate a Money Transfer transaction, create a Money Transfer transaction and more. The Western Union Partner Payments API allows partners to create orders, collect funds from customers, as well as disburse funds to customers. Both APIs are listed under Transactions.

Currency Quake is a free currency strength meter. The Currency Quake API can be used to acquire the statistical strength or weakness of the 8 major currencies in the foreign exchange (Forex) market. Information is derived by comparing 28 currency pairs and identifying the biggest movements in price. The Currency Quake API is listed in the Currency category.

Enable apps to compare currencies with this API

Enable apps to compare currencies with this API. Image: Currency Quake

Nodeum offers workflow management, tiered storage, offline archiving, data protection, and data migration capabilities. The Nodeum API enables data management and storage in applications. The API can be utilized to manage files and containers, get tasks, and create mount points. Nodeum features REST architecture, and JSON responses, and is listed in the Storage category.

Remindercall.com is an appointment reminder Platform that creates and sends automated calls, text messages, and emails. The ReminderCall.com API allows developers to create connections between ReminderCall.com and their own services such as calendars and practice management systems. It is listed in the Notifications category.

Elebase is a platform for creating place-based applications. Elebase combines geospatial capabilities with file management, geographic data modeling, file sharing, and data features. The Elebase API enables developers to run sophisticated geospatial queries and build place-based applications and websites. The API is listed in the Geography category.

Elebase API for geospatial applications

Screenshot: Elebase

Modern Treasury provides payment operations services. The Modern Treasury API enables Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire, check, and RTP transactions in applications. The API can be used to manage payment orders, line items, counterparties, bank accounts, routing details, and addresses. The API is filed under Payments.

Ooredoo is a communications and mobile technology provider based in Qatar. The Ooredoo Platform API provides miscellaneous store locations, the ability to find contact details and addresses for a business near you and more. The API provides methods for managing store locations, directory search and more. This API is listed under the Business category.

Travelpayouts is a travel affiliate network. The Travelpayouts Hotels API retrieves hotel name and location, cost of living in hotels, hotel selections, and hotel collections data. The authorization is based on an affiliate token. With the API, developers can search for hotels and analyze hotel statistics. This API is listed in the Monetization category.

PlanSource provides software for employee benefits administration. The PlanSource API provides programmatic access to manage benefits, payroll, compliance, and billing data for employers and insurance solutions. Plansource supports Aflac, Cigna, Guardian, MetLife, and Unum insurance companies. The API is listed in the Human Resources category.

UniversalPay is a Spanish provider of specialized payment solutions. The UniversalPay API enables payment management and transaction support in approved third-party applications. UniversalPay supports retail payments, eCommerce integrations, and mobile payments. This API is also listed under the Payments category.

Unique Secure provides electronic point of sale (POS) digital systems with smart connectors, custom LEDs, and custom graphics. The Unique Secure platform offers several variants of their modular POS devices. This technology protects against theft and tampering. The API and hardware require indirect access through SDKs.

eMoney is a provider of wealth management solutions. The eMoney Access Supporting Info API gives users a unified view for syncing notes, tasks and alerts across platforms. It provides a way to generate and export eMoney client income data, including name, type, amount, inflation rate and more. The eMoney Access Firm Admin API allows users to manage eMoney offices, clients and users. It provides a way to update or change a client's owning advisor, add new users, advisors, assistants, and planners, set the display names and more. Both APIs are listed under the Financial category.

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