Daily API RoundUp: WhatsApp Business, Stripe Card Issuing, Kuveyt Turk, Amio

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Nineteen APIs have been added ProgrammableWeb in categories Credit Cards, Messaging, and Gambling. Highlights include and API for issuing physical and virtual Stripe payment cards, and Alexa Customer Profile API for retrieving Alexa customer contact information. Here's a look at what is new.


WhatsApp Messenger is an SMS replacement application owned by Facebook. The recently announced WhatsApp Business API provides a way for businesses to interact with and reach customers using end-to-end Encryption. This enables messages and calls with security that allows only a business and the person it is communicating with to read or listen. The WhatsApp Business API is listed under the Messaging category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Messaging APIs.

Facebook has announced WhatsApp Business API

Facebook has announced WhatsApp Business API. Screenshot: WhatsApp

Hot2z API allows developers to access a database of information on movies and TV series as well as promotional posters and direct links to watch them. Developers can search for movies by title, year of release, IMDb rating, genre, featured actor, or director. This API is free to use. The Ho2z API is listed under the Movies category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Movies APIs.

Poker Odds Calculator API calculates the odds and percentages of winning a poker game as well as possible strategies and scenarios for all stages of game play. The API can return a five-card poker hand description as well as the odds of winning, plus possible scenarios at various points in the game, including the flop, river, and turn. The Poker Odds Calculator API is listed under the Gambling category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Gambling APIs.

Labstack provides services to expose local servers to the internet securely. The Labstack API is available to verify email addresses, compress audio, video and images, return IP information, create visual charts from URL data and more. The Labstack API is listed under the Infrastructure-as-a-Service category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Infrastructure-as-a-Service APIs.

HBUS is an open marketplace for cryptocurrencies. The HBUS API supports all trading pairs including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum on the HBUS website. API methods are available to manage market, public, account, trade and withdraw. An HBUS websocket API is also available for subscriptions and to receive updates on any changes to a HBUS topic. The HBUS APIs are listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Stripe is a payments company for the internet that supports many currencies, credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Bitcoin, Alipay, or Amex Express Checkout. The Stripe Issuing API provides infrastructure for issuing physical and virtual cards via a single API call. The API allows developers to create, control, and distribute physical and virtual cards. It provides a way to manage cards, set authorization controls, restrict spending and dispute purchases, and is listed in our Payments category.

Amio offers a multi-channel messaging Platform that can be integrated with helpdesk systems. Amio features team inbox (shows who is working with a specific contact), and supports Facebook Messenger, Viber, and SMS. The Amio API is a REST interface that returns JSON formatted data and is used to select a channel type, access to contacts, and more. Amio also provides a Webhooks API to provide message notification services. Amio APIS are listed in our Customer Service category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Customer Service APIs.

Amazon Alexa Customer Profile API enables users to query the Alexa Profile for customer contact information. It allows an application to request the customer's permission for contact information including; name, email address and phone number. The Customer Profile API uses information from the active default Alexa profile, which may or may not represent who is speaking to Alexa. This API is listed under the Artificial Intelligence category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Artificial Intelligence APIs.

Bento for Business provides a platform for employee expenses management. The Bento for Business API returns payments' data in JSON format. With the API, developers can create a virtual expense card, poll a card status, retrieve the card number, CVV, and expiration date, activate the card, and change the card billing address. This API is listed under the Credit Cards category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Credit Cards APIs.

CapitalOne Virtual Card Numbers API returns JSON data with simulated virtual card numbers. With the API, developers can create a virtual card, replace a physical card, retrieve virtual card details, and report merchant activity by initiating production in the Sandbox. OAuth2 is required to authenticate. This API is also listed under the Credit Cards category.

Kuveyt Turk is a Turkish provider of financial products and services including internet banking services. Kuveyt Turk provides an API Market with tools for developers to create their own Financial applications. Several of these APIs were added to our Financial category, and listed them below.

Kuveyt Turk Accounts API enables the developer's customers to list their accounts, check their balances, and check their account activities from the last 7 days.

Kuveyt Turk Money Transfers API allows users to send and receive money. Money transfers are free to any bank for Kuveyt Turk customers within the daily transaction limits.

Kuveyt Turk Loans/Financing API provides developers with access to their customers' active loans or finances, their outstanding loan or finance balances, and their installment details.

Kuveyt Turk MoneyGram API enables users to send money either online or in person to more than 200 countries and territories, including Germany, Afghanistan, and American Samoa.

Kuveyt Turk Information Services API gives users access to a collection of information services, including ATM and XTM locations, Branch locations, and FX rates.

Kuveyt Turk Funds API enables developers to easily list deposit account types, to calculate deposit rates, and to buy and sell FX currencies and precious metals.

Kuveyt Turk Credit Cards API allows developers to perform credit card operations for both physical and virtual cards.


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