Daily API RoundUp: WikiArt, Reportbrain, Hydrosphere, FactSet, e-days

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Transportation, Cycling, and Games. Featured today is an API for bike-share research data, an API for roadworks data in the U.K., and an API for virtual trucking events. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Coresender is a transactional email delivery service for marketing professionals and developers. The Coresender APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically manage email campaigns and create suppression objects for email addresses. Coresender features email bounce management, email Authentication, dedicated IP addresses, and 24/7 monitoring. Find this API in the Email category on ProgrammableWeb.

Reportbrain is a news monitoring, analytics and reporting Platform that utilizes AI to process Big Data. The Reportbrain News APITrack this API enables users to use Reportbrain's Query Language to retrieve news articles and metadata. Developers must register for access. The API is listed in the News Services category.

Reportbrain API

Screenshot: Reportbrain

Bike Share Research (BSR) is an online Resource for Bike-Sharing system (BSS) information and data gathering, that provides the comprehensive structured data required for the many fields of BSS research. The Bike Share Research APITrack this API allows users to get Bicycle sharing system (BSS) data by country or category. The API is listed in the Cycling category.

e-days is an absence management platform for business which features staff holiday planner, absence reporting, sickness tracking, and paid time off tracking. The e-days API enables developers to access information associated with users, groups, entitlements, and absences. The API is listed in the Time-Tracking category.

Trucky offers virtual events as a companion solution for virtual truck drivers. The TruckyEvents APITrack this API provides access to virtual trucking and transportation event management and advertising data. The Trucky API is filed under Games.

Retrieve data about virtual convoys and other events with Trucky API

Retrieve data about virtual convoys and other events with Trucky API. Screenshot: Trucky

WikiArt is a visual art encyclopedia. WikiArt provides a read-only API to obtain information about artists and paintings. With the WikiArt APITrack this API, users can obtain JSON responses with updated artists, deleted artists, artists by a dictionary, updated dictionaries, dictionaries by group, most viewed paintings, paintings by artist, and painting search. The API is listed in the Art category.

Hydrosphere.io is a data science management automation platform designed to increase reliability, scalability and observability for Machine Learning and AI applications in production. Hydrosphere.io API, accessible indirectly by SDKs, features model degradation detection which alerts when issues happen, interpretable inference of model predictions, and explainable alerts that allow the understanding of data events. Hydrosphere.io features 2-tiered installations: platform-based (server-side), and client-based to handle entity management. The API and SDKs are listed in the Machine Learning category.

Clean Power Research Builds services for energy calculation, simulation, and automation. The Clean Power Research Solar Simulations API provides access to irradiance and weather data. The API can simulate PV output to receive AC energy production, Plane Of Array Irradiance (POAI), solid and liquid precipitation, and more. This API is listed in the Solar category.

UK Roadworks APITrack this API provides services to find and utilize roadworks data for England on utility street work and local highway authority road work. The API uses a pub/sub model to send notifications to subscribers when an event occurs in Street Manager. The API is listed under Transportation.

Pringle Technologies provides an API to manage online business ventures for restaurants. The Pringle APITrack this API enalbes users to manage promotions including news retrieval, location routing, digital menus, community campaigns, and more. Find this API in the Restaurants category.

FactSet provides investors professionals with integrated financial data and software. The FactSet PA Engine APITrack this API allows users to request analytics for multi-asset class performance, attribution, and risk with methods to manage portfolio, benchmark, return period, and more. This API is listed in the Financial category.

Super Dispatch provides car hauler automation software and automobile transport tools. The Super Dispatch Shipper APITrack this API provides programmatic access to car shipping software with methods to manage vehicles, carriers, and orders. The API is listed in the Autos category.

Bestmile APITrack this API aims to optimize transportation data of autonomous and conventional driven vehicle fleets, such as ridehailing, autonomous shuttles, and robotaxis. Bestmile provides Webhooks, an API Key, and JSON format to interact with the API. Use Bestmile to implement traveler announcements, vehicles, stops, and trips. It is listed in the Transportation category.

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