Daily API RoundUp: Wise, GSMA, PDF Blocks, Aditum

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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Currency, Languages and Banking. Features is the GSMA Mobile Money API for mobile payments standards and the PDF Blocks API. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


GSMA is an association for mobile network operators. The GSMA Mobile Money APITrack this API is an API specification for the mobile money industry. The API insures banks and merchants are technically interoperable for payments, billing, accounting, transfers, transactions, etc. Recommended guides for RESTful API methods for transactions, reversals, merchant accounts, balances, authorization and more are listed in the Mobile Money Developer Portal, which includes a GSMA Simulator for API testing, security authorization use case examples which include Postman Collections. It is listed in the Mobile category.

PDF Blocks is a secure cloud-based APITrack this API that allows developers to work with PDF documents in applications and workflows. It can be used to build custom workflows with other services to password-protect PDFs, merge or combine PDF documents, personalize PDFs with text or image watermarks, and more. The PDF Blocks API is filed in the PDF category.

Free Currency Converter APITrack this API enables applications to convert currencies, with methods to retrieve a list of currencies, list of countries, get historical data. It works with any programming language, offers a free and paid (dedicated server access) services, is JSON or JSONP formatted, and is easy to use. It is listed in the Currency category.

Wise offers International banking services including online money transfers. The Wise Platform APITrack this API enables developers to integrate the service and manage payouts and account information, banks, affiliates, receive money and open banking. Methods are available to manage users, transfers, comparison, addresses, borderless accounts and more. Wise was formerly known as TransferWise. This API is filed under Banking.

Wise Platform

Screenshot: Wise

Metadapi Languages Data APITrack this API is an API for language codes following the ISO 639-1 Standard. Each language is assigned a two-letter (639-1) code. The data model includes the language name (in English) and the language native name. This API is listed in the Languages category.

Aditum is a Commercial Real Estate (CRETech) and PropTech Platform for multi-tenant buildings to control and deliver internet service to tenants and residents in Commercial and Residential MDU buildings. Aditum APITrack this API access enables Integration of building connectivity and bandwidth sales into tenant and property management software. The Aditum API is listed in the Real Estate category.

WorldFirst is an APITrack this API for international payment integration. The API is useful for international businesses for funds-in and payments out, for marketplace sellers to get better exchange rates, and for receiving funds in foreign currencies. API methods are available to manage rates, deals, quote and book, recipients, payments, currency accounts and lookups. This API is listed in the Payments category.

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