Daily API RoundUp: Wunderlist, Twinword, National Weather Service

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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory, including four Twinword natural language processing offerings. Also added were two new libraries for the National Weather Service.


Wunderlist is an application that lets users create, manage, sync, and share lists and tasks, as well as files. The Wunderlist REST API allows developers to retrieve lists, retrieve tasks within a list, and manage user accounts.

Wunderlist app
Wunderlist app screenshot from Google Play Store

We’ve primarily categorized the Wunderlist API under the Lists category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Lists APIs.


Lottorisq offers lottery games and jackpots at fixed cost and zero risk. The Lottorisq RESTful API helps operators to expand their gaming products with international lottery jackpots. Developers can integrate the API to get access to official lottery terminals. The API interacts with requests and responses, Authentication, and account management. We’ve primarily categorized the Lottorisq API under the Gambling category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Gambling APIs.

Infermedica is an API for medical diagnosis. It allows users to submit anonymous patient health data (symptoms and risk factors) for diagnostic analysis. Infermedica’s intelligent inference engine analyzes the data to find diagnoses in a broad medical knowledge base. Patients receive suggestions of relevant symptoms to verify, and an assessment of likely conditions, as well as pertinent lab tests to order. This API can create new, or enrich existing healthcare products and services with intelligent diagnostic insights.

Symptomate by Infermedica
Example of Symptomate on iOS. Symptomate is built with Infermedica technology.

We’ve primarily categorized the Infermedica API under the Medical category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Medical APIs.

Twinword provides natural language processing APIs for extracting knowledge and understanding human text. The APIs expose tools to collect data describing the ways in which people associate concepts. The tools include word association tests, e-commerce recommendations, document detection, and more. Four new API additions from Twinword have recently been added to the directory.

Twinword Lemmatizer API returns the root of a word, or roots from a string of words. For example, “dogs” to “dog” and “abilities" to “ability.”

Twinword Sentiment Analysis’ free API returns sentiment analysis results with a score for the given text. Because it allows users to find the tone of a user comment or post, it exposes positive and negative comments in social media platforms.

Twinword Sentiment Analysis API demo
image: Twinword Sentiment Analysis demonstration

Twinword Word Associations API gets word associations with a semantic distance score. Because it aims to work with more than just synonyms, users can get related words of the same family like “cats” and “dogs.” This API allows the user to find synonyms and related words for one word or a phrase.

Twinword Text Analysis Bundle API processes text analysis. This API offers various natural language processing (NLP) features such as lemmatizer, sentiment analysis, and topic tagging. All services are included in one plan. Users could benefit from this NLP tool to analyze and understand human sentences.

The Twinword APIs are listed in the Natural Language Processing category. See ProgrammableWeb’s complete list of Natural Language Processing APIs.


NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) provides weather forecasts, watch and warnings, advisories, and storm predictions. They also provide an API. Two libraries have been added to the directory in the clients area.

National Weather Service PHP Library by Cristian Radu aims to simplify the access to the NWS REST API. To obtain weather data, users are required to have PHP 5.3. To retrieve forecasts, users can use the methods based on latitude and longitude. To extract weather data, users need to use the model object methods. This Library is under an MIT license.

National Weather Service Python Library by Joshua W allows users to access public service alerts by weather.gov. Documentation includes guidance to import module, get data use, support methods, and get reports. This Python module includes NWS.alert() as an object for simplification.

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