Daily API RoundUp: Yuvvis, CarsXE, HIN Decoder, Audiogum, DaniWeb

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Translation, Human Resources, and Social. Highlights include an API to integrate with data from DaniWeb online developer community, and an API for time series data analysis. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


CarsXE is a marketplace for buying and selling used cars. The CarsXE APITrack this API enables developers to access millions of vehicle records, including vehicle's specifications, history records, market value, title status, ownership costs and more for cars, motorcycles, trucks or RVs. Create applications for tracking vehicle analytics, energy, insurance, ride hailing, and more. The CarsX# API is listed under the Auto category.

Yuvvis is a RAD (Rapid application development) environment for developers. The Yuvvis APITrack this API enables developers to build content-driven applications or incorporate modern content management features into existing applications. Developers can use the API to manage, process and retrieve any object/document type, give meaning to objects with custom schemas, search text or metadata of billions of documents with SQL-like functionality, and convert more than 60 file types. The API is listed in the Content Management category.

Audiogum provides access to music streaming services, internet radio, podcasts, audio books, and video content. The Audiogum APITrack this API enables audio content aggregation, intelligent personalization, and natural language understanding in business applications. The API is listed in the Audio category.

DaniWeb is a Platform for developers, IT pros, digital marketers, and technology enthusiasts to discuss technology. The DaniWeb Connect APITrack this API allows users to tap into a database of more than one million techies, and to build applications that intelligently match and connect users. The API includes methods for managing forum topics, individual topics, and individual members of DaniWeb. The API is listed in the Social category.

Interact with forum and user data from DaniWeb via API

Interact with forum and user data from DaniWeb via API. Screenshot: DaniWeb

StealthEX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides customers with anonymous and limitless swaps with over 250 coins listed. The StealthEX APITrack this API returns a list of supported currencies, returns info about a currency, returns all available exchange pairs and more. It is listed under Cryptocurrency.

Time Door provides time series data statistical insight services. The Time Door APITrack this API receives JSON-encoded time series data, performs statistical computations, and returns JSON-encoded results. It is a paid API that offers a free trail and an open Sandbox. It is listed under Statistics.

Time Door API

Screenshot: Time Door

HIN Decoder is a service for decoding HULL Identification Number (HIN) of boats. HIN is federal standardized serial number for identifying boats, vessels, and other watercraft. The HIN Decoder REST APITrack this API enables applications to decode the HIN, check the HIN validity, and determine make of a boat. This API is listed in the Boating category.

MyOperator is a cloud call management system. The MyOperator APITrack this API can be used to programmatically access logs, trigger calls, Fetch user lists, manage users, and listen to recordings. MyOperator's API is listed in the Telephony category.

Factorial is human resources software. The Factorial APITrack this API enables developers to create applications that integrate Factorial human resources data including employees' ID, job roles, leave types, shifts, workable hours, and clock outs. It is filed in the Human Resources category.

RushTranslate offers certified document translation services in over 60 languages provided by native speaking professionals. The RushTranslate APITrack this API enables human-powered translation services in applications. The API is used to create orders, retrieve file details, perform revisions, and more. It is filed under Translation.

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