Daily API RoundUp: Zenscrape, Arktis GPS, DicksonOne, Rapid7, BigMarker

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Authentication, Security, and WebRTC. Highlights include an API for automated, AI based real estate appraisals and an API for verifying phone numbers. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Veriphone APITrack this API retrieves JSON data to verify global phone numbers. The API Documentation includes an introduction with an explanation of the REST architecture, authentication that is key-based and domain-based, standard error codes, requests and responses to verify phone numbers, and examples. It is filed under Verification.

Veriphone API

Screenshot: Veriphone

Authing is a provider of cloud-based authentication and authorization services based in China. The Authing GraphQL APITrack this API enables mutable queries associated with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) logins, SMS authentication, Single sign-on, and email verification. Responses are JSON formatted. This API is listed under Authentication.

MARCOM Robot provides data enrichment and lead generation tools. The MARCOM Email Validation Bot APITrack this API performs a series of real-time checks for each email address such as MX record check, SMTP record check, RFC syntax check and many more. The API returns a quality score raging from 0 to 1 for every processed email. This service can build better email lists and keep the junk out of your marketing automation and CRM platforms. The MARCOM Robot Data Enrichment Engine APITrack this API helps B2B marketers and sales operations leaders get more intelligence about prospects and customers, supplement lead scoring model and personalize marketing campaigns and sales cadences.

Zenscrape provides website scraping services. The Zenscrape APITrack this API extracts data with HTML markup, standard and premium proxies, IP rotation, and data rendering. It supports Vue, React, Angular, and JQuery JavaScript frameworks. It is listed in the Extraction category.

Arktis GPS APITrack this API retrieves location GPS data. The API allows Internet of Things devices to send longitude and latitude data points to Arktis, where it is timestamped and stored for the user to view on an interactive map. Developers can send XML HTTP requests to receive responses in JSON format. This API is listed in the Location category.


Arktis GPS API

Screenshot: Arktis GPS

Aion Network is a Platform for building Decentralized applications to build production grade Java applications on a Blockchain network. The Aion Network APITrack this API enables users to retrieve block chain data. Users can find the latest block mined on the blockchain, find the Top 25 richest accounts on the network, find a list of blocks mined within the last month by default, find a list of all contracts created within the last year by default, and more. The Aion Network API is listed under the Blockchain category.

Fortnite France APITrack this API provides Battle Royale players statistics, store, news and PVE Info for Fortnite provided by www.fortnitefrance.eu. It is listed in the Games category.

DicksonOne is a cloud-based environmental monitoring system. The DicksonOne APITrack this API returns JSON data about environmental monitoring. Methods are available for device monitoring for temperature, unit readings, events about device settings, and other sensor data. The API uses standard HTTP response codes and authentication. It is cloud-based and it provides alarm notification methods. It is listed in the Monitoring category.

Rapid7 InsightVM is a vulnerability management platform. The Rapid7 InsightVM APITrack this API allows programmatic communication with local InsightVM instances. The API provides access to users, reports, vulnerabilities, policies, remediation, and asset lists in order for security application developers to integrate the capabilities of the Rapid7 InsightVM into their own applications and scripts. The API is listed under Security.

PropMix provides APIs for real estate data. The PropMix AppraisalQC APITrack this API offers verification about property appraisal based on information extracted from images. Appraisal validation is automated using Machine Learning and image recognition to ensure that the required data and content is included in an appraisal report, and validate if any comparables have been missed. The appraiser's license information and insurance are also captured. This API is listed in the Real Estate category.

BigMarker is a webinar platform that helps people learn and share, with services for live and recorded webinars. The BigMarker APITrack this API enables users to programmatically access a webinar platform. The API provides methods to create and manage conferences, plus plan, invite, promote, facilitate, record, and follow-up on a webinar. It provides a way to reach people and engage an audience via webinars, online workshops, masterclasses and others. The BigMarker API is listed under the WebRTC category.

Instamojo is a payment gateway provider based in India. The Instamojo Marketplace APITrack this API allows applications to facilitate merchant payments. It enables applications to render a commission from a merchant, collect commissions, receive a certain commission, automatically transfer funds and more. The API gives aggregators the ability to access a certain commission for each product sold on the platform. The Instamojo Webhooks APITrack this API allows users to receive notifications when an Instamojo event occurs.

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