DarkmindFX Introduces Filings API for Access to SEC-based Financial Data

DarkmindFX, an economic data provider, has introduced its new Filings API. Through the API, developers for financial software providers, traders, and others gain structured, automated access to regulatory financial data. Currently, filing data is available for S&P 500 companies. The Filings API is currently in beta, and free to beta testers.

The Filings API grants access to data from S&P 500 companies' 10-Q and 10K filings. Filings from 2009 to present are available. Data available through such filings include balance sheet, statement of operations, comprehensive income, cash flow, earnings per share, and more. DarkmindFX checks for new filings at the end of each day.

To begin working with the API, users need to first register. Once a key is obtained, InitSession initializes the session and returns a token that is used for subsequent calls. Once initiated, users can then call a list of regulators (i.e. the government agencies from whom DarkmindFX pulls filings), companies under the jurisdiction of the regulators (e.g. S&P 500 companies), and then pull filings by company. Check out the API reference for more specifics.

For now, there is no limitation on number of calls or data consumption. The API is available for any programming language or OS. DarkmindFX anticipates expanding the API's coverage beyond the S&P 500. The company expects to have more than 10,000 US-based companies included by the end of next year.

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