Dash: An API for Your Car

As portable GPS devices become increasingly commonplace in cars, it was only a matter of time that such devices would become also networked and programmable. Dash Navigation, the maker of Dash Express, a "two-way, Internet-connected GPS navigation system," announced today DashApps, an API and developer program for the Dash Express. The Dash Express system connects to the network via WiFi or a cellular network. We have created an initial API profile for Dash.

Currently available apps include ones that show homes for sale, give users access to their calendar, and warns drivers about speed traps.

As we wait for official technical details about the API from Dash, we can get some hints in a post by Brady Forrest as to the shape of the API:

At the end of the month the Dash will get a RESTful API. At the user's initiative lat/long coordinates can be sent to a server. The Dash will consume a GeoRSS Feed. This is just the first release. In the future they may add HTML pages, search and even the ability to poll. The device I saw did not have any API-driven apps loaded, but I can imagine great ones (update my location and finding out who from my YASN contacts are nearby).

For more coverage of DashApps, see

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