DataCash Integrates a MasterCard API to Increase Fraud Detection

DataCash, global payments services provider, has announced that its fraud management solution (GateKeeper 2.0) will be the first of its kind to integrate MasterCard's Lost-Stolen Account List API. The MasterCard API cross-references over 30 million lost and stolen cards globally. The Integration will empower merchants with greater fraud detection capabilities and lessen the potential to reject legitimate customers.

DataCash President, Ajay Bhalla, commented:

"DataCash's GateKeeper:2.0 has been developed with MasterCard to take fraud and risk management for merchants to a new level, enabling them to expand successfully into new geographical markets, industries and digital payment channels....The current fraud landscape is rapidly evolving, and these developments will secure GateKeeper:2.0's precise ability to detect whether a payment is fraudulent or genuine, enabling merchants the potential to grow their businesses without putting their reputation and revenues at risk."

DataCash has provided global payment processing services and advanced fraud prevention since 1996. As a MasterCard company, DataCash can combine its expertise with one of the world's largest networks to provide a more robust Platform. DataCash currently accepts transactions in over 177 currencies across many ecommerce channels. MasterCard Group Head of Processing Products for MasterCard, Johan Gerber, explained:

"The integration into DataCash's GateKeeper:2.0 makes it a powerful single platform solution for merchants to manage and execute their fraud strategies."

The MasterCard API uses REST protocol and returns data in an XML data format. The API will allow GateKeeper 2.0 to validate accounts against MasterCards massive list of known accounts. To learn more, visit the announcement.

Shared data continues to drive innovation, social development, and security advancements. DataCash has enhanced the strength of its GateKeeper product with one of the most expansive databases the credit card world has to offer. Expect merchants to leverage this integration and cut down on fraudulent transactions.

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