Datadog Introduces Synthetics API Performance Monitoring Tool

Datadog, data management solution and tool provider, has announced a beta version of Synthetics. Synthetics adds a new layer to the Datadog Platform. The service monitors APIs and associated endpoints by simulating user requests. As a result, API owners can monitor system performance as consumed by users.

Administrators can utilize Synthetics with their own metrics, traces, logs and other testing systems and equipment. Users can identify regional issues, application performance and ensure uptime for users. The goal of Synthetics is to ensure that website end users can perform actions critical to the site or application (e.g. transactions, sign-ups, logins, etc.).

Synthetics sends active HTTP requests to the APIs and endpoints under monitor. Synthetics users can configure intervals and request type to various locations around the globe Administrators can set parameters to measure performance based on elements like response time, response code, header, body contents, and more.

Datadog will start an open beta early next month. Existing Datadog customers can sign up now, right here.

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