Datadog launches Automated Error Tracking Service

Datadog, a cloud application monitoring, and security Platform provider has launched Error Tracking. The new product automatically collects application errors in real-time. Then, it aggregates into action items for engineering teams to respond to.

“In modern applications, the number of errors can increase rapidly as we serve more users, make frontend code logic more complex with Single Page Applications, and increasingly rely on microservices and elastic infrastructure,” Renaud Boutet, Datadog Vice President of Product, commented in a press release. “Application engineers need a solution to prioritize issues in fast-moving situations that impact customer experience and revenues.”

Datadog Error Tracking processes data already available within its platform to provide the needed action items. This lowers the time to issue identification which keeps error fallout to a minimum. Multiple errors can be consolidated into a single issue that teams can remedy instead of tracking each error manually.

Key features of the new service include:

  • Automatic error extraction: automatically extracts errors for Datadog RUM users with no additional code
  • Errors view: visualization tool that uses tags and facets to group errors into related issues
  • Unminified Stack traces: provides access to unminified Source Code to help pinpoint error causes
  • Seamless developer experience: works with existing CI/CD workflows with the Datadog CLI. Allows developers to track release and link source code to error events
  • Correlation across RUM sessions: includes data such as session ID, view ID, URL, browser, location, and OS to correlate error with data for triage purposes

To learn more, visit Datadog’s blog post announcement.

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