Datameer: From Data to Masterpiece

The Datameer REST API allows applications to access Datameer without using the web interface, and can be used with a monitoring tool or by scripts. JSON is the format for responses.

Datameer is an open Hadoop analytics Platform for Big Data.

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"Our goal is to really democratize data analytics by giving our users the tools they need to make data-driven decisions faster," said Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer. "By bypassing the traditional, slow, multi-step process of creating static schemas, we enable users to get right to analyzing and visualizing data without needing to rely on IT."

It does this by eliminating the need for an ETL tool by relying on pre-built data connection wizards. Many are for structured databases such as Oracle, Teradata and those in XML, while others are for unstructured data such as that found in Twitter, email archives and CRM.

According to Klint Finley at TechCrunch, the company has raised $6 million in September following previous rounds since it's founding in 2009.

Clients include Visa, Zvents, Kabam, Zionsbank and Nurago.

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