The Dataplug API Ships What Matters Most: Great Customer Service

Dataplug is for businesses that ship using multiple carriers and need to manage which orders should be shipped via which carrier. The legacy solution of course is manual entry: sort the orders according to carrier and then enter them into the different carrier websites. Beyond costing time and money, it creates a customer service nightmare when a customer wants to track a package. "Which carrier did we send that on, again," the operator might be wondering. Dataplug finesses all that, right down to the tracking, done all in one place--and customers can go to your site and track packages  themselves.

On top of better package tracking, Dataplug offers a second big improvement for customer service, the ability to set rules to assign orders to a specific carrier. That means you can avoid the mistakes of using the wrong carrier, a mistake most easily made with manual sorting of orders where the sorter not only has to memorize or check a set of rules, they have to remember or understand when there is an exception to the rules.

The RESTful Dataplug API returns data as XML.The documentation states that authorization is "basic."

Pricing is by volume of packages shipped. The company works with a variety of partners, from those providing e-commerce solutions to warehouse management companies to consultancy services.

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