DataStax Moves Stargate API Framework to General Availability

DataStax, a data management company, has announced that its Stargate open-source API Framework has moved into general availability. Stargate was initially announced in the summer of 2020 and is intended to integrate data request coordination code with a robust API Platform for simplified data management.

Stargate sits between an application and the database that it uses and allows developers to use their choice of schemaless JSON, GraphQL, and REST APIs. DataStax released a graphic that illustrates this:

“Developers tell us they want easy and quick access to their data from the languages and tech Stack of choice. Stargate will help millions of full-stack developers work with any shape of data or type of data store they want.”

Stargate is integrated with DataStax Astra, the company’s cloud-based Apache Cassandra application development platform. The blog post announcing the launch of this new service noted that this Integration allows for no upfront data modeling for documents and a reduction in the amount of custom code that is required to be maintained. 

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