Dating Made Easier for Foursquare Fans

Back in the day, you used to have to go through the arduous task of going out into the world, talking to a member of the opposite sex to determine common interests, and then make a leap of faith to begin the dating process. These days, thanks to the Foursquare API, we have a few apps that can help simplify the process.


SingleSquare is an iPhone app, built on top of Foursquare, that lets you find singles around you. The way it works is that you, or someone near you, can flag you as "Single!" at a Foursquare location. Other users will be able to see who's single and close by. Additionally, users can send messages to other singles initiating communication before making your approach.

Where the Ladies At

When we covered Where the Ladies At awhile back we said it made Foursquare useful. The way it works is that it uses user's first names to guess at gender. Using this pseudo-information, it determines which locations have the highest concentration of 'ladies' and shares this information on its website, as well as updating its Twitter status.

Singles for Foursquare

Singles for Foursquare works similarly to SingleSquare. Users list themselves as single and users can see what singles are at their location. Additionally, messages can be sent between users.

Meet Gatsby

Finally, we have Meet Gatsby. The service aims to be the of Foursquare by adding common interests to the mix. The way this works is you sign up on the Meet Gatsby website, and define your interests. When you check in to places on Foursquare, you get a list of people with similar interests who also happen to be at your location. Like SingleSquare and Singles for Foursquare, Meet Gatsby maintains a one-hour anonymous text relay so that you can message your potential new partner before making your move.

So there you have it. Four, Foursquare-powered tools to assist you in dating. Good luck!

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