Datownia Allows Anyone to Create an API

Does your business use Excel spreadsheets to sort, organize, and make sense of data? Would the data generated by those spreadsheets be useful to partners, customers, or other departments within your organization? Datownia, a recent product from Release Mobile, generates an API from an Excel spreadsheet that allows developers to integrate their data with any website or app. Release Mobile CEO, Will Lovegrove, realized the power of APIs and describes why Release Mobile launched Datownia:

We built datownia to help our clients update content on multi- Platform apps simultaneously. We then realised it had a wider potential: to help businesses of any size and industry create useful data APIs quickly and easily."

Many customers across multiple verticals (local government to entertainment) have already utilized Datownia's simple API generation platform. Lambeth, 300,000 resident borough of London, is currently utilizing Datownia to implement England's first cooperative council:

"By exposing public data via an API Lambeth are meeting their strategic objective to put council data resources into local developers hands and simultaneously complying with central Government's guidelines to make local authority data available in a machine readable format to developers."

Datownia makes publishing data via an API and retrieving data on the other side of that API a simple, cheap process. Those looking to create an API, simply grant Datownia access to a dropbox account, and dump a spreadsheet in dropbox. Datownia creates the API. For Developers, simply register an app at Datownia's developer portal and request access to a publisher's data.

Individuals and companies are generating data at an unprecedented rate. Although Big Data mining/analytics applications are giving new insight to big, unstructured data; simple, individual spreadsheets can be extremely insightful and useful. Exposing such data via an API scales its visibility quicker and allows Integration with bigger engines and additional data. Datownia hit the nail on the head when realizing the need to put API generating capabilities in the hands' of all.

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