DatumBox API Equips Third Party Apps with Machine Learning Capabilities

DatumBox provides a Machine Learning Platform that specializes in natural language processing. The DatumBox API enables developers to integrate various DatumBox tools into third party applications, websites, or software. Through the API, developers can add any of the DatumBox features (e.g. text analysis, sentiment analysis, Twitter analysis, spam detection, and more).

DatumBox aims to arm developers with machine learning capabilities and inspire quality innovation. Still in its early days, noteworthy clients have built a number of applications with the DatumBox platform (e.g. Web SEO Analytics, Mozaik, Edelving, etc.). DatumBox recently posted a sample mashup to inspire developers that uses Twitter and DatumBox APIs to build a Twitter sentiment analysis tool.

The DatumBox API uses RPC-style operations over HTTP protocol. Calls are returned in a JSON data format. Currently, 14 methods are currently available through the API (e.g. various subject and classification analyses, detections, and extractions). To learn about the specific methods, sign up for a free API key.

Machine learning is here. Enterprises across the world and the universities from which such enterprises will hire graduates are building machine learning capabilities and courses to empower a next generation workforce and streamline operations. From marketing effectiveness to supply chain efficiency, machine learning has begun to play a significant role behind the scenes in our daily lives. DatumBox not only provides a solid machine learning platform, it provides an API that grants access to the platform.

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