Day 2 of the NordicAPIs: What Developers Want to Talk About and How Vodka is Just Like an API

Day 2 of the Twitter-trending Nordic APIs event wrapped up last week with presentations from global and regional players ranging from business use cases of APIs to technical discussions. In an unconference session in which participants set their own agenda, major themes included Scaling issues and security.

“Nordic APIs was a great success”, Co-organizer Andreas Krohn told ProgrammableWeb after the event.

“One of my favorite discussions on Day 2 was around forgetting HTTP. By now it really should be like using a microwave, you don’t think about it, you just use it. HTTP should be like that now but instead we still get weighed down by syntax,” Krohn said. It was a sentiment shared by other participants, including Andrei Neculau who wrote about this subject in June.

A demo track at the conference allowed business use cases to be explored in greater detail. This is a trend expected to grow in future conferences, as more businesses will want to watch what competitors and partners are doing with APIs and as developers continue to need to explain APIs in a way that gains C-level buy-in.

Eva Sjökvist from Swedish brand Absolut demonstrated the Absolut Drinks API and discussed how APIs are used by the company to link applications and processes internally, as well as showing how the Drinks API can be used in creative marketing strategies.

“This lead former ProgrammableWeb editor Adam DuVander to point out that basically Absolut are facing the same challenge as our industry: people aren’t buying the vodka spirit, they want to be buying a drink that has vodka in it. In the same way, people don’t want the API, they want the apps that the API Builds,” Krohn said.

An unconference session allowed those attending to set the agenda and discuss some of themes emerging in their daily work and from what they had heard in previous presentations.

“Two of the main discussions centred on how to build an API that can scale properly, and how to handle DDoS attacks,” Krohn said.

A followup event aimed at a business audience is being planned for November. Interviews with speakers and participants can be viewed on the NordicAPIs Youtube channel.

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