Provides All You Need To Know About Your BirthDate

There's more to our existence than we may be aware. The day we were born marks the date of other interesting and important events around the world, and it would be really cool to find out every bit of trivia surrounding a specific date at the click of a button. DayDetails is a free Web Service that allows the user to type in a specific date and find out all the recorded facts regarding that date. The site also provides the RESTful DayDetails API that allows developers to request specific date details.

The user simply types in their birth date and is presented with general facts about their age - how many years, months, days, minutes and seconds have passed since they were born and even what their equivalent age would be according to Islamic, Iranian and East Asian calendars. Users can also check to see their astronomical age according to each planet, as well as their Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac and Celtic Zodiac signs. In addition, users are provided with information on anniversaries and notable events that took place on that day; like the birth date of celebrities or other influential people and more.

DayDetails has provided a simple API that allows developers to use links for pre-entered date (by entering the correct year), month and day as URL parameters. For example, 12/15/1985 would be:

Those who require more information can contact Ramunas Geciauskas (DayDetails creator) via a contact form on the website.

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