DayPI Challenge: Mashing-up the News

The Daylife DayPI Developer Challenge, which offers a US $3,500 first prize and two $750 runner-up prizes, is under way. The contest deadline is July 25th, so developers still have time to enter the competition and win. Build an application (a mashup, a widget, a website, a facebook app, whatever) using the Daylife API, post your application on the Web, then sign up and enter a post about your app into the Daylife Cookbook.

Daylife itself "gathers and organizes news from thousands of sources around the world so that you can learn more about any topic of interest." The aggregated news content is presented in a variety of forms including Highlights, Topic Pages, Story Pages, Quotes, Connections and Photo Galleries. The API (DayPI) lets you ask questions of the news from around the world and build applications on top of the answers using whatever web application technology you like. The flexible REST-based API supports XML, JSON, and PHP-serialized data formats.

Contest entries will be judged by a stellar panel of judges, including Brian Behlendorf, Marc Hedlund of, Scott Heiferman of, and Clay Shirky.

Visit the Daylife Cookbook for contest details and useful materials including Daylife API documentation, sample code and tutorials, the Daylife cookbook showcase, and Lazyweb Ideas.

The Lazyweb Ideas are unfinished ideas for applications. These can be used as the basis for your DayPI Developer Challenge application, if you'd like. You'll find additional inspiration from reviewing mashups that apply the DayPI, like the TreeHugger GRNDX Green Index (mashup details). Similar to a stock market index, but it tracks mentions of certain key green phrases in the media. Lets you gauge how much mindshare certain concepts have and see if they are gaining or losing ground compared to last week.

Or another DayPI mashup: News Trends Trendrr (mashup details), that let's you track news coverage about anything and view trends on a chart by combining the Daylife and Trendrr APIs.

This competition, along with the WeatherBug Contest, are two of six ongoing mashup contests at the moment. See our Contests page for more details.

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