DCS Announces IoT API

Direct Communication Solutions (DCS), an Internet of Things solution provider, has opened up access to its data services through an API. Through the API, third-party developers will be able to integrate DCS with their IoT and GPS device interfaces. The goal of the API is to provide a single source for such integrations.

"Our API offers software developers access to device data from one single source, eliminating the need for companies to program their backend software for each device manufacturer they are looking to adopt", Eric Placzek, DCS's Chief Technical Officer, commented in a press release. "We are excited to offer this service to companies looking to streamline their development efforts, the APIs will reduce development time to onboard new telematics and IoT devices, plus enhance their systems by converging other valuable device data statistics. Our partners can now shift their attention to new front-end features and enhancements to their software, knowing that DCS's APIs will deliver the data in a consistent and familiar format."

Through a combination of in-house development, and resale of other IoT and cellular solutions, DCS has been helping lower barriers to entry to the IoT space for more than a decade. Launching API access to its solutions furthers that mission. API access lowers both the cost and the technical expertise necessary to enable devices with IoT functionality.

IoT features come in many different flavors and formats. DCS' API "acts as a translator" to these disparate solutions. The API standardizes data, which makes the various datasets and features appear as a single entity. When developers see a single data type, that means quicker integration and lower cost.

DCS has not published any public API documentation. For more information, visit the DCS site.

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