DealAngel Offers Unique Hotel Deal Find Technology to Others via API

DealAngel, hotel find engine, has launched a beta version of the DealAngel API. Traditionally, DealAngel provided a user-facing Platform that allowed individuals to use its engine to hunt the best hotel rates. With the API, DealAngel hopes to serve as the underlying knowledge that drives 3rd party sites and apps that provide hotel search services. DealAngel expressed its intention via blog post:

"Here’s a basic lowdown on how it works: Lets say I go to my (second) favorite hotel site, search for hotels in New Orleans for next weekend, because there have GOT to be some bargains there now that the Mardibowl excitement is over. Hootel sends DealAngel all the rates it’s found for its hotels on the day I have chosen via the DealAngel API, and DealAngel gives its verdict for each in the form of DealAngel ratings. So, even when you aren’t on DealAngel, you have a guardian (deal) angel watching over you making sure you get the best value offers out there, and don’t book a hotel for more than its worth. "

DealAngel hopes to attract API integrations across a number of sites and apps (e.g. travel sites, daily deal offerings, etc.). Trip planning site, Gogobot, signed up as the first beta partner to implement the DealAngel API. The underlying intelligence already drives DealAngel's primary business; thus, DealAngel expects a short beta period with a live launch in April 2013.

No public Documentation for the DealAngel API currently exists. However, DealAngel has announced that the same, systematic approach that drives its current business will be available via API. In addition to the unique search technique, the API will provide access to DealAngel's color coded heat map calendar.

Travel sites are a dime a dozen. To stay afloat, many have succumb to the pressure of overwhelming adds and bombard users with options. DealAngel has committed to find offers that provide users sincere value. With an API launch, other sites may be able to pass on the same benefit.

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