With Dealmap Acquisition, Google Nears 90 APIs

Google may not have landed Groupon in its quest for traction in daily deals. Instead, it acquired The Dealmap, an aggregator of local coupons. With the purchase by the search giant, we now list 89 Google APIs in our directory, with The Dealmap API now part of the Google arsenal.

VentureBeat calls the acquisition a strategic no-brainer:

At this point, the object of the game isn’t to beat daily deal players like Groupon and LivingSocial per se; it’s to become the simplest one-stop-shop for deal-seekers, then to integrate Google’s own revenue-generating offers (and advertising) with the deals from more established players. And the Dealmap is a perfect, consumer-friendly way to do that.

Indeed, collecting and searching information is at the heart of what Google does well. The Dealmap succeeded not only as an aggregator, but also a provider of data. Its API had 11 million queries per day back in February. In March it partnered with Microsoft to provide daily deals via Bing properties. It's unclear how the acquisition might affect that business relationship.

The Dealmap's product itself will remain unchanged "for the time being," according to its own announcement. That includes the API, something we see discontinued after some acquisitions, such as when Facebook killed the NextStop API.

We now list 18 coupon APIs in our directory, including the Groupon API, Foursquare Merchant API and CBS Local Offers API.

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