Dealpath Announces Open Platform API

Dealpath has opened its third party API providing customers and partners with convenient, real-time access to their data. Dealpath's Platform is designed for interoperability with other leading software systems and provides unprecedented flexibility for institutional real estate investment teams. This new capability addresses the growing needs for firms to deploy modern tech stacks comprised of best-of-breed software solutions.

The platform API provides access and connectivity with other systems to pipeline data, deal analytics, and property information — stored and managed on Dealpath. Users of the API have achieved a reduction in the need for manual and oftentimes duplicative data entry, increased accuracy as well as improvements to their workflows for building value.

Dealpath customers are now able to incorporate their deal and property data automatically into other software services. Among the most common use cases are integrations with leading asset management and property accounting software like Yardi and MRI Software as well as popular CRM systems like Salesforce and portfolio monitoring and investor reporting tools like iLevel by iPreo.

"The modern CRE tech Stack leverages 'best-of-breed' solutions that are integrated seamlessly across the organization and lifecycle of an asset including market data, deal management, and property accounting," said Dealpath CEO Mike Sroka. "The launch of the Dealpath open platform API will provide our users and CRE ecosystem with the accessibility and flexibility for valuable product integrations and continuity of data through complex workflows to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns."

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