Debitoor: The Invoice Wizard for Businesses in a Hurry

When someone says, "invoicing," do you think: "speed"? Debitoor is designed to get a small business up and running fast--so you can start generating those all-important invoices and get paid faster. The Debitoor API allows a third party app to set up an invoice (such as a point-of-sale app). Debitoor is  RESTful API with responses in JSON, according to the API documentation. It joins 48 accounting APIs listed in our API directory.

As anyone who has done books before knows, accounting isn't simple, especially when you are creating international invoices. That's a Debitoor specialty. The Platform knows all the VAT taxes and will apply them based on the country/address you are invoicing.

Debitoor boasts you can sending out your first invoice in minutes. They have handy templates that make this possible. And their documentation on how users can use the features is extensive. From a template preview to accounting, from products and customers to reminders, Debitoor spells out just how the tools are used. Reminders, for example, are all about accounts receivable, planning out just when to contact those who need prompting to pay.

Since speed and mobile go together, the platform is available on iOS, so that you can create invoices on the phone or tablet.

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