deCarta Launches Brand New DevZone Developer Portal and Geospatial Platform REST API

deCarta, a leading location based services (LBS) Platform provider, has announced the launch of the brand new deCarta DevZone Developer Portal and brand new deCarta Geospatial Platform REST API which is a complete suite of location based services and data.

The new and improved deCarta platform provides developers access to geospatial technology and a suite of connected services so that maps, routing, geocoding, traffic, local weather, and other advanced LBS features can be quickly integrated into web, mobile and desktop applications as well as other location-enabled devices.


The deCarta platform is available as a hosted service and also as an Amazon AMI delivered software product. The deCarta Geospatial Platform REST API consists of a suite of location based services APIs including (but not limited to):

  • Search and Geocoding - Includes fuzzy search, geocoding, categorical search, search along route, routed search, etc.
  • Reverse Geocoding - Includes reverse geocode of a position and cross street lookup.
  • Routing - Returns route information and the deCarta routing engine provides a huge number of tunable options for generating the optimal route.
  • Tiles - Returns various types of tiles and style settings such as street, vector, satellite, traffic and weather.
  • Traffic - Includes live traffic feeds within a specified area and incidents.

deCarta also has a JavaScript API available for creating LBS applications for desktop and smart phone browsers and will be releasing Vector map SDKs for Android and iOS in the near future.

The new deCarta DevZone Developer Platform also includes video from the TrafficLand traffic camera network. TrafficLand announced that the company has completed an agreement with deCarta that integrates real-time video from TrafficLand with the deCarta DevZone for developers and deCarta's Connected Car Platform. J. Kim Fennell, CEO of deCarta comments on the partnership with TrafficLand in the press release:

"Drivers today want intelligent, connected services that bring them relevant and useful information in a seamless fashion. We’re excited to have TrafficLand as a partner to help deliver a more driver-centric, valuable experience to users of embedded and mobile navigation applications. No longer do drivers need to pinch zoom on a small screen to see the traffic cameras up ahead. Instead, by leveraging our patented Search Along a Route technology, we can deliver only those cameras that are located along the driver’s route. This significantly lowers driver distraction and provides more useful contextual information."

Developers interested in integrating deCarta location based services with their applications can find more information on the deCarta DevZone developer website.

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