The Decibel Open API: Pump Up the Volume on CMS Development

The Decibel API allows website developers to create code integrated with this content management system company, customize Decibel, create an app, and plug it into their code with Decibel's Open API. Decibel is PCI DSS 2.o compliant for security reasons and its Framework is highly structured. Full Documentation is not publicly available, but Decibel's tools  can develop websites, extranets, intranets and business applications on the web.

As it stated in its Press release, Decibel has combined the best of open and closed sources into a hybrid designed to maximize benefits for clients.

Given the popularity of open source CMS and other systems, Decibel offers a variety of reasons why its proprietary system plus Open API is a better approach.

Decibel's CMS Platform contains an array of extensible objects that are designed to simplify common development tasks, such as creating a new type of content module or writing an authenticated Web Service.

Unlike open source, where custom code is owned by the community, any application or code created to customize Decibel is owned by the maker, the company pointed out. The custom application can be transferred to another developer, and the architecture supports rapid development of applications. Additionally, Decibel said, the CMS is fully scalable to handle future growth, can be installed either locally or hosted, and the company provides free updates.

To provide a sharper picture of its value, Decibel has a wide range of case studies showing how its clients use Decibel, from corporate examples to multi-language sites, from running a pid subscription site to running a trading platform.

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