Decibel Releases New APIs in Move Towards Music Metadata Industry Standard

Decibel launched its first API in 2011. Since the launch, Decibel has enjoyed success in becoming the fastest growing European company in the digital music sector. However, the massive growth falls short of Decibel's ultimate goal. Decibel hopes to enhance the consumer relationship with digital music and uncover the next generation in digital music services. In the end, Decibel aims "to become the industry standard for music metadata."

Decibel now offers four APIs: Earth API, Wind API, Fire API, and Classical API. To launch, manage, and productize the four APIs, Decibel selected 3scale's Out-of-the-box API management infrastructure. Driving the APIs behind the scene lies "the most in-depth music metadata you're likely to find anywhere with more than 3 billion pieces of data on 15 million tracks from 1.1 million albums by 300,000 artists."

Decibel makes both SOAP and REST APIs available. All four APIs are language independent with active support for C#, PHP, Java, VB.NET, Ruby, and Python. All entities in the Decibel database use GUIDs, and Decibel prevents calls from retrieving extra information through the Retrieval Depth concept.

Because of Decibel's rich data set, Decibel is well on its way to becoming the industry standard it set out to be. With the launch of new APIs, and strategic partnerships to guide the launches, Decibel should continue to excel. A 30 day trial of the Earth API is available at the developer's site.

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