Decision Time for Doctors: The DynaMed Clinical Reference API

The EBSCOhost API for DynaMed provides access through the two protocols of SOAP and REST, both of which return data in XML. An EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit (EIT) profile is required for access.

Geared to physicians, DynaMed is a reference tool for clinical decision support. Built for use during a doctor's practice, it contains clinically-organized summaries on over 3,200 subjects.

Access options are through three methods: Web, mobile, electronic medical records (EMR) integration via the EIT, and partner access for subscribers to Lexi-comp or Zynx.

According to a press release carried in the, "No other decision support tool collectively scored in the top three in each area surveyed," namely "imeliness of content updating, breadth of coverage and the quality of evidence reporting." However, the actual study in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology concludes, "No single Resource was ideal and those seeking answers to clinical questions are well-advised not to rely solely on a single point-of-care product."

An article in the British Medical Journal, August 5, 2011, also points to Dynamed's excellence in updating. "At nine months, Dynamed had cited 87% of the sampled reviews, while the other summaries had cited less than 50%. The updating speed of Dynamed [daily, according to the company] clearly led the others."

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