Decisive Mobile Advertising Platform Launches API

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Decisive, the SaaS mobile advertising Platform that helps advertisers make smarter decisions, earlier this week announced the availability of the Decisive Developer API. Decisive is opening up its platform to give app developers the ability to easily create and manage campaigns across multiple mobile ad networks and exchanges.

“The API provides app developers with the tools to control one of the primary areas that is crucial to their app’s success,” said David Dundas, CEO of Decisive. “Developers already have tools like Stripe and Parse to make building apps easy. If more apps are successful because developers feel app promotion is more accessible, then we’ve done our job.”

The Decisive Developer API gives mobile app developers the ability to create, analyze and optimize their app promotion campaigns with a few simple lines of code. Developers also benefit from several other capabilities available in its new API, including: 

  • Access to 10 billion impressions daily across 15 advertising exchanges, such as Google, Twitter/Mopub, Yahoo!/Flurry and AOL, among others.
  • Integration with tracking platforms that many developers already use, such as Mobile App Tracking, AppsFlyer, Kochava and AdX.
  • Protection from ad fraud and access to Decisive’s proprietary Machine Learning optimization algorithms.

Decisive launched its self-serve mobile advertising platform in April 2014. To date, the company has enabled 2,500 customers and execute over 50,000 mobile advertising campaigns.

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