Decisyon Leverages APIs to Turn CDM into a Platform

The line between what constitutes a Platform versus an application is getting more blurry with each passing day. Applications are increasingly coming complete with SDKs that provide developers with access to APIs through which they can extend the application. Case in point is Decisyon, which recently launched a Decisyon 360 collaborative decision making (CDM) environment that makes extensive use of RESTful APIs and Web Services that are exposed via an SDK.

Deployable on premises or in the cloud, Decisyon 360 is a multitenant application that provides a CDM framework and includes an engine through which Decisyon 360 can be used to automate any number of processes.

The Decisyon 360 SDK enables developers to create Java programs using Decisyon objects that are invoked within an Eclipse-based development environment. The code modified in the development environment is automatically saved via an auto-save-on-edit property. In addition, when Eclipse is closed, the Program object automatically exits the Edit mode, with the changes made in the development environment. The Decisyon 360 SDK describes all available objects that can be accessed via a designer tool that is used to compose a business process.

This week Decisyon announced it has extended the Decisyon Partner Network to include Chateaux Software, Edgewater, MindStream Anakytics, Rossilabs, Sapien and Vertical Edge Consulting.

Decisyon CEO Rob Rose says Decisyon seeking additional partners and customers looking to deploy Decisyon as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that has been made extensible via the APIs that Decisyon has exposed. The APIs can be used to invoke data stored in any repository inside or outside the enterprise.

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Rather than requiring an army of developers and consultants to automate a process, Rose says, Decisyon at its core is a CDM environment designed to flatten management layers in organizations by making it possible for a much smaller group of people to directly manage any number of complex processes at a much higher level of abstraction. Applying that concept within and across multiple vertical industries creates an opportunity for developers to leverage Decisyon 360 across a broad range of application use cases.

Enterprise IT organizations of all sizes are wrestling with how to go about becoming a digital business. Most of those efforts involve stitching together multiple traditional platforms to create applications that enable a digital process. Decisyon 360, however, moves the focus of that Integration level to the application layer. This not only eliminates the need to reinvent the data integration wheel; it also gives developers access to a process execution engine that provides a foundation for building a digital business using applications that can be developed in substantially less time and—just as importantly—with fewer headaches.

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