Decooda's Linguistic-Analysis API Released to Improve Insights

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Decooda, the leader in multi-channel consumer analytics, today announced the availability of a REST API interface to its data convergence Platform and cognitive-linguistic text analytics scoring engine. The Decooda API enables marketers and business decision-makers to accurately detect, classify and harvest valuable insights from unlimited data sources. This unique platform can analyze any structured and unstructured text-based data from social media, enterprise and third-party sources, on demand and in real-time.

Unlike the typical industry solutions based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Decooda applies its unique psychology-driven algorithms to go well beyond the limitations inherent in NLP based analytics. Decooda is able to deliver contextual insights about customer preferences and behaviors far beyond what the market has previously realized.

"Our cognitive-linguistic scoring engine eliminates blind spots and delivers actionable insights that improve decision making," said David Johnson, CEO of Decooda. "Decooda's API gives enterprises access to the most powerful data enrichment engine in the industry to generate accurate quantitative and qualitative insights in real-time."

With the flexibility of the API, users can integrate the Decooda MC3 (Mission Control and Command Center) platform into their current workflow and embed real-time scoring and analytics regardless of whether the data is live streaming or batch in nature.

The Decooda MC3 platform supports unlimited text analytics and content tagging requirements. Regardless of the industry, Decooda enables organizations to derive and leverage behavioral insights about how consumers feel about products, brands and services.

"The real power of our cognitive-linguistics scoring engine is the ability to generate actionable insights for decision-making, in real-time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional customer research techniques," said David Johnson. "With the new REST API, Decooda democratizes the granular analysis of unstructured data for every enterprise and makes it instantly actionable," he added.

Decooda is offering access to the API to select companies on a limited-release basis today. To learn more, please go to

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