DeepEarth: Microsoft's Open Source Mapping Control

DeepEarth, a new map control that integrates Microsoft's Virtual Earth mapping service (our Virtual Earth API Profile) with the Silverlight 2.0 Framework, is now available as an open source project on CodePlex.


As described on the project page on CodePlex:

DeepEarth is a mapping control powered by the combination of Microsoft’s Silverlight 2.0 Platform and the DeepZoom (MuliScaleImage) control. At its core, it Builds on these innovative technologies to provide an architecture for bringing together layers for services, data providers, and your own custom mapping elements together into an impressive User Experience. Also featured are in depth examples of how you can leverage Virtual Earth Web Services to take advantage of advanced GIS service functionality. This is what you need to get an interactive, native Silverlight 2.0, map into your application today.

This is an impressive release and the integrated control provides various types of features, including:

  • Fully implemented map control with property and event model
  • Fully templated set of map navigation controls
  • Layers for inclusion of Points, LineStrings and Polygons
  • Conversion Library for geography to screen coordinate systems
  • Geocoding (find an address)
  • Reverse Geocoding (getting an address from a point on the map)
  • Routing (Directions)
  • Marquee zoom selection
  • Map rotation

Note that the control can be previewed at the Soul Solutions DeepEarth demo web site (you need to have Silverlight 2.0 installed) and you can also download the latest release of the open source project (source and/or binaries).

Also, be sure to check out a page on CodePlex on how to set up the solution as well as additional coverage on DeepEarth on Chris Pendleton's Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog.

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