Deezer Music Streaming Service Launches Developer Affiliate Program and Upgraded API

Deezer, a web-based music streaming service company based in Paris, France, has announced the launch of an affiliate program for developers along with upgrades to the Deezer API.


The Deezer API has been updated with additional functionality and improvements allowing developers to create more advanced apps driven by the Deezer Platform as well as music driven games.

The API upgrades also include social Integration including the display of app user activity in the social bar, and the ability for apps to interact with Social Networking services like Facebook. A few upcoming apps that demonstrate the power of the Deezer API include Askking Music, Moosify and Seevl. Askking Music is a game where users identify music tracks, Moosify is a music based dating app and Seevl is a music discovery app.

Deezer has launched an affiliate program for developers that is accessible through the Deezer Open API. The goal of the program is to encourage developers to create applications using the Deezer platform. Applications that help Deezer increase new account subscriptions are rewarded through the Deezer developer affiliate program.

Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer is quoted in an article published on Silicon Republic:

"Music streaming isn't about giving people access to soulless databases of songs – we want to build an immersive and entertaining experience that gets people hooked on Deezer. Our affiliate scheme and API improvements will help developers seamlessly bring music into their greatest apps. We can't wait to see what they'll build."

Although the Deezer music streaming service is not yet available in the United States, the service is currently available in 182 countries. According to Wikipedia, Deezer features over 20 million licensed tracks and over 30,000 radio channels.

Developers interested in creating apps using the Deezer API can find more information at the Deezer Developers Site.

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