Demandbase API Enables B2B Personalization Marketing

Personalization tools have long existed allowing marketers to custom tailor online marketing to consumers. However, business to business marketing has eluded personalization tools until Demandbase created its Real-time Identification service: a "service [that] bridges the gap between known and anonymous web visitors by identifying and segmenting the companies visiting a website, and providing detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time." Now, Demandbase is making its Real-time Identification Platform available to third party developers via an the Demandbase API.

According to Demandbase’s Vice President of strategic services, Amit Varshneya, in a press release:

"Demandbase Real-Time Identification enables businesses to increase engagement and conversion on their sites by providing the ability to personalize website experiences based on more than 40 corporate targetable attributes including company, industry, revenue, location, DUNS numbers, as well as their own first party attributes, such as whether a visitor is from an existing customer, a top prospect or even a competitor." ..."By offering an open API, we hope to create a community of Demandbase-skilled developers that construct new applications for customers and requirements that span the enterprise, and we plan to bring that community together in the coming months for idea development and hackathons."

The application possibilities utilizing the features of Real-time Identification are seemingly endless, and Varshneya further commented: "we know that there are a wealth of additional applications that can be created by web developers all over the world." Demandbase should not have difficulty finding adopters of the open API, as its current customer base extends beyond 1,000 clients including many industry innovators (e.g. Adobe,, Dell, etc.).

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