Demo Your Product for Free at GlueCon

We live in a world of APIs, data formats and web applications. Integrating all of these services is one of the foremost challenges facing organizations as we move into the next stage of cloud adoption. If you have a product offering that addresses the challenge of web application Integration in a unique way, you have a great chance to showcase it at Gluecon 2011 for free.

Gluecon, the conference that is devoted to addressing the web application integration challenge, is scheduled to be held on May 25-26 in Broomfield, Colorado. The conference is all about APIs, connectors, meta-data, standards and anything that can help "glue" together the infinite number of web applications that are out there.

As part of Alcatel-Lucent (parent company of ProgrammableWeb) becoming the Community Underwriter for Gluecon, 15 companies will be selected to have completely free demo space at Gluecon. The Demo Pod also includes passes to the show, signage and internet access.

To apply, you need to submit your details here by April 1. A panel of judges comprising a healthy mix of technical folks, analysts, journalists and top executives will review the submissions and choose the 15 companies. Check out more details on the process.

Gluecon 2011 promises to be a great conference for developers who are interested in APIs and the Cloud. If you're planning to attend, get in on the early bird discount. The span of topics that are going to be discussed at Glue is vast and includes APIs, Protocols, Languages, Frameworks, Open Data, Data Storage, Platforms and all the bits and pieces that glue all of them together.

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