DeskAlerts API Upgrades Corporate Emergency Alert Functionality

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Integrating corporate communications solutions is now more seamless than ever thanks to a series of Application Programming Interface ( API) upgrades to DeskAlerts software. Now, DeskAlerts administrators can use the Platform to send pop-up notifications without actually having to access the web interface. 

Available to all users, the new functionality integrates flawlessly with other programs to provide administrators and employees with a streamlined communications experience. 

Unlike other internal communications platforms that can only be used directly through the purpose built interface, DeskAlerts can be operated in conjunction with any third party program. For workplaces relying on a myriad of different software applications to carry out everyday operations the new API upgrades represent a new era of efficiency, speed and functionality. 

“We appreciate that modern companies utilize a range of different software solutions in their day-to-day operations. Rather than isolate DeskAlerts as a singular communications solution we’ve upgraded the API to support PC wide use, even when using third party software. For businesses this offers guaranteed savings on time, as well as increased productivity and efficiency.”

One of the major improvements rolled out to the API is the ability to target certain IP groups. This means administrators can automatically schedule and send messages to persons in a specific building or location. In the past administrators were forced to squander time opening up the DeskAlerts interface, then interrupt workplace productivity by sending notifications to irrelevant recipients. Now, the API upgrades allow administrators to send notifications to a customized recipient base without having to log into the web interface.

Another key upgrade is the ability to send emergency notifications in API mode. In an emergency situation time is of the essence, particularly in hospital and healthcare environments. Rather than waste crucial seconds exiting onesoftware program and opening up the DeskAlerts interface administrators can simply create a convenient desktop icon. This can then be used to access the DeskAlerts message drafting interface almost instantaneously. 

“When workplaces encounter emergency situations every second counts. Communication also plays an integral role in ensuring that the response strategy is streamlined, effective and rapid. The ability to access the DeskAlerts messaging interface simply by clicking on a desktop icon will shave seconds off the time it takes for administrators to draft and send emergency notifications,” says Vdovin.

When it comes to boosting efficiency and maximizing productivity in the workplace the new API upgrades represent valuable savings. Rather than having to physically log into the DeskAlerts web interface users can access the platform from any application. This eliminates the need to exit one screen, then open another. Instead administrators can continue to run third party software while simultaneously drafting and sending messages to employees. 

The new API upgrades are now available to all DeskAlerts users. 

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