Despite Reports, Facebook Says Hashtag API Still Active

Earlier today there was a report that Facebook had shut down access to its hashtag data via API ahead of the scheduled deprecation on April 30th.

Tint, a social media management service, sent an email to its users noting that the deprecation of the hashtag API Endpoint is scheduled for April 30th. However, Tint discovered that the API began returning errors earlier this week and Facebook has confirmed these errors.

When reached by ProgrammableWeb, a Facebook rep confirmed that v1.0 of the Graph API has not been turned off for any developers with apps created before April 30th, 2014. The API is still due for shutdown on April 30th at which point any apps that rely on it may malfunction. Developers using the old Graph API who have not updated their apps should do so by the end of the month.

Developers interested in Facebook hashtag information have a couple of options available. The new Graph API has a hashtag endpoint that allows developers to read information on existing hashtags. The Hashtag Counter API returns a count of Facebook posts and comments from Profiles mentioning a specific hashtag in a defined time window. However this API is only available to Facebook Media Solutions partners. Interested developers can email for more information.

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