Detect Nudity API Automates Image Censorship

The Detect Nudity API is a simple API that offers developers an automated way to quickly detect unwanted nude images. Services such as this one are important because making sure that unsavory images don’t end up on websites or apps is a serious issue for a lot of webmasters, one that can easily become a complex exercise to filter out the good content from the bad. 

In general, many of these automated nudity recognition tools offer things like being able to recognize anatomical attributes such as skin, skin color, and so on, as well as settings that allow users to vary the sensitivity to skin exposure in images, helping to determine whether someone is fully dressed, wearing a bikini, or completely naked.

This, in theory, should make it simple for website owners to manage which images make the grade, helping them to offer site security as well as avoid any spammy connotations. In a lot of cases, however, even these advanced tools don’t get it right all the time, and some developers advocate manually checking images as the only truly reliable option. Either way, a tool like Detect Nudity API could help matters in a big way, making things a lot easier for those dealing with large numbers of image uploads on a daily basis.

The Detect Nudity API is free to use, with request examples provided in cURL, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, and .NET.

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