Microsoft's developer resource center for the quickly evolving Live Platform is now up at Not a lot there yet but it bodes well for a more integrated approach on their part to developer support on the new platform.

One of the things that Microsoft has traditionally done as well as any vendor is developer support (perhaps that happens when the founder was a coder). In this space Microsoft is playing catch-up to Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! and Google, all of whom currently have much more comprehensive support for their web-based APIs. Microsoft knows this and is clearly starting to get their strategy lined-up. [via Dare Obasanjo]

On a related note Microsoft has introduced the MSDN Wiki, a new collaborative framework around their longstanding Microsoft Developer Network. As they note "On this site you can add content to VS 2005 documentation topics and edit contributions from other users. Our goal is to extend the documentation with code examples, tips and tricks, and other information that you add." [via Alex Barnett]

And yes, it's a big loss for Microsoft to have Scoble leave but a big congratulations to Robert and PodTech on his smart move!

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