Developer Attempts to Transcribe a Podcast with Microsoft's Speech API. Hilarity Ensues.

Over the last few years, the wave of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence APIs has been cresting as more and more businesses see the potential for differentiation and more and more API providers look to service that need. IBM clearly recognized the potential of these APIs when it acquired AlchemyAPI back in 2015. Alchemy specialized in machine-learning driven APIs like sentiment analysis and image/language processing. Those APIs are now a part of IBM’s Watson portfolio. 

Now, a few years later, everyone is getting into the game. Why? For a fraction of the cost, these APIs — what we at ProgrammableWeb sometimes call the PhD APIs — can do the same things that, just a few years ago, required a team of highly paid PhDs to accomplish.

But as impressive as all this dirt cheap rocket science is, we can’t help but laugh hysterically when it falls down. And that’s exactly what happened when one developer decided to publish a tutorial on how to use Microsoft’s Bing Speech Recognition API to transcribe a podcast using the C# language.

We’ll spare you the developers gory details on how to work with the API (although they’re quite good). However, it was not lost on us that the tutorial is in C# and the podcast that he attempted to transcribe was about Python. You can read the post to see the actual text that the API should have responded with. Meanwhile, here are the actual results (which remind us of some of Google Voice’s attempts to transcribe voice mails).

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Transcribing Podcasts with Microsoft Speech API