Developer Reverse Engineers Peach API, Creates Swift and Mac Clients

Software engineer and developer Stephen Radford has reversed engineered the Peach API and created Swift and Mac Clients. The SWIFT client allows developers to interact with the Peach undocumented API using Swift. The Mac client can be used to build a Peach Mac app. Peach is a brand new messaging/social app that was the talk of Twitter recently, after the app officially launched in the Apple App Store.

Peach is a brand new messaging/social app created by Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann that allows users to keep up with friends and easily share video, images, gifs, and other media. The app features short cut commands called "magic words," triggers for different types of posts within the app. At the time of this writing, there are twenty magic words for triggering actions such as search for a GIF, add current location, add current weather, events for today, and add TV show.

Peach was launched on January 8th and by January 11th, the app had become one of the top 10 social networking apps in the Apple App Store. This is not surprising considering the high amount of buzz the app received on Twitter the day of the launch:

Embed Tweet in PW Post

The Peach app is currently only available on iOS, however, there is an Android version in the works. In the meantime, the PeachKit and Peach for Mac clients created by Radford can be used to interact with the Peach undocumented API. Using the Charles Web debugging proxy application, Radford discovered the URL of the Peach API ( and started mapping out the API endpoints. The Peach API endpoints require Authentication and all data is encoded and sent as JSON and not form data.

The list of available Peach API endpoints is not yet complete. However, Radford posted the Swift and Mac clients on GitHub so that developers could start using some of the Peach API endpoints and help develop the projects if they are interested.

For more information about the Peach app, visit the official Peach website. To learn more about the PeachKit and Peach for Mac clients, check out the blog post.

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