Developers Can Make Money via OneRiot's New RiotWize Real-time Ad Network

The popular realtime web search provider OneRiot has announced the availability of their ad network RiotWize, which gives developers the opportunity to monetize realtime desktop, mobile and web applications by displaying ads relating to currently trending topics.


Embedding advertising in an application can be a tricky proposition for developers. Quite often the ads are obtrusive and not relevant. OneRiot believes that their solution is different, actually adding value to the end user experience.

The service is grounded on the premise that users of realtime web apps are primarily trying to find out what’s going on right now for a particular topic. RiotWise serves up links to web pages from a content network that helps users find out what’s going right now. It directly matches the user’s intent – in other words, it adds value to the users’ experience; it helps them do what they are trying to do.

The Platform has already been implemented by a number of applications including Digsby and UberTwitter, and with click through rates  reported at 3 - 4 times the industry standard it won't be long before other developers get on board.

OneRiot has enjoyed considerable success since it was launched in November 2008. It has partnered with over 70 of companies, including some big names like Yahoo and Microsoft, who are making use of the OneRiot API to enhance search engines and to create browser add-ons and third party applications.

Developers interested in the OneRiot API or the RiotWize advertising platform can find more details on their site, and additional information can be found on with our OneRiot API profile.

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