Developers code 330+ Apps during Facebook World Hack 2012

Facebook Developer World HACK 2012, a series of one day Developer events that were held across the world saw a great response from developers. The event was held in 12 cities, starting off in Austin, TX, on August 23 and ended at Moscow, Russia on October 1st. The statistics are fascinating: more than 2000 developers attended and built 330 demos over 16,000 person hours. In the end there were 3 grand prize winners, who won a trip to the Facebook headquarters.

The Grand Prize winners are:

  • Tracks and collects webpages you liked via Facebook, and organizes them for you. You can browse or search through the liked pages quickly. The team from Taipei also won the overall Facebook World Hack Taipei.
  • ChainedStory: A story telling game, written by a group of developers from Buenos Aires, that you can play with your friends. The application can be real fun and in the words of the developers, the group of people do not know what the whole story contains. Different people write different sentences only knowing what the person before them wrote.
  • boostmate: A social media planning and graph analysis service by a team of developers from Moscow. You can get an analysis of your friends that match you the closest. It also gives you recommendation on activities/actions that you can perform and thereby maximizes your interaction with your network of friends in an optimal manner.

Several other applications won notable mention and the developers are busy working on those applications. Check out those applications by visiting the official event recap page.

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