Developers Encouraged to Keep Apple Watch App Interactions Brief

The Apple Watch is a divisive topic. Many people are excited by an attractive new piece of tech, while others are questioning exactly what this smartwatch will offer that existing smartphones cannot. One point of contention was covered by Eric Hal Schwartz in his article for DC Inno, and that is the fact that third-party application developers have been encouraged to design their apps to be used within a window of around 10 seconds per interaction.

This is part of Apple’s attempts to stop people staring at their wrists for too long and draining the battery, though it may mean people checking their watches more regularly but for shorter periods. This may somewhat appease some sceptics of Apple Watch, but it means developers have a more challenging task to create engaging apps that operate within this window.

Apple will be keen to ensure they accommodate the right types of apps to entice users to pay for the phone, such as Instagram and Twitter. However, any developers working on submissions to the Apple Watch App Store will need to conform to the guidelines if they hope to gain approval. For resources, developers can access the WatchKit SDK.

The release date for Apple Watch is set for Friday 24 April, 2015, with pre-orders beginning two weeks earlier on Friday 10 April. The watch comes in three models; Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition, with prices ranging from $350 to $17,000 for the 18-karat gold model.

*This article was edited from its original version on 03/26/2015

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