Developers Stand To Win Gold in MintChip Challenge

Developers are definitely worth their weight in gold. The Royal Canadian Mint has introduced a digital currency called MintChip and has thrown open a Developer Challenge. The challenge wants developers to create digital payment solutions using the MintChip API and the best applications stand to win gold. Yes, you read that right, actual physical gold.

The MintChip Challenge, powered by ChallengePost is open from April 4 to August1. Judging and Public voting will take place through August and September with the winners announced on September 24. The total prizes include over 2 pounds of gold with the overall Grand Prize winner receiving 10oz of Gold. Any application that you submit to the challenge runs on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows, or a desktop or mobile browser, and utilizes either local microSD MintChips or remote MintChips to transfer digital currency.

The challenge is serious in making sure that Developers get the right resources to build out their applications. As part of registration, you will need to give details about why you are qualified to build applications on the Platform. The contest is only open to the first 500 approved participants, who will receive a software developement kit ( SDK), two microSD MintChips, and two remote MintChip accounts to help integrate MintChip with their digital payment applications.

MintChip is positioning itself as a solution for digital currency. The MintChip value can be stored and delivered over email, mobile/desktop applications or even in the cloud. The Developer page is extensive with overview of the system and the Developer guide is extensive with its API details, messages and Platform starter packages available for Android, Blackberry and Windows.

The contest is open to all legal residents of Canada or the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia. Companies are also invited to participate, provided they meet the required criteria. Refer to the contest rules page for full details. If you have a few ideas around digital payment, go ahead and give it a try. Your investment in the MintChip API could be worth its weight in gold.

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