Developers Take on the Fire Phone Dynamic Perspective Functionality

Amazon’s Fire Phone is capable of a 3D-Like effect called Dynamic Perspective. Classical 3D effects are produced in the negative, or where the image protrudes out of the screen. Amazon took a different approach with the Fire Phone, utilizing 3D effects made in the positive, where the added dimension comes from depth within the phone. The phone achieves this by tracking a user's head and adjusting the on screen image to produce the effect of looking through a window, seeing the 3D objects within.

Dynamic Perspective responds to the way that a user holds, views, and moves the device. The SDK provided by Amazon provides information and implementation directions for the Dynamic Perspective Sensors as well as the User Interface. In addition, it offers tools for customizing the functionality of the SDK to make sure it works how app developers had envisioned. iOS and Android do not support this type of 3D functionality. It will be interesting to see how the accessibility of applications change as well as how the market will shift given this new functionality.

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How developers are responding to Amazon Fire Phone’s ‘Dynamic Perspective’ 3D