Dexcom Launches API to Access Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data

DexCom, a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) solution provider, announced the availability of its Dexcom API. The API enables developers to access patient-authorized CGM data through third party applications. The goal is to drive innovative solutions to monitor, manage, and combat diabetes. Through such solutions, users will gain the power to control how they interact with their glucose data.

"In launching this developer Platform, Dexcom combines our CGM data expertise with the creativity of the developer ecosystem to enable new solutions and business models in the treatment and management of diabetes," Dexcom SVP of Data, Annika Jimenez, commented in a press release. "Dexcom believes in data mobility and customer choice. It also believes that the API opens up opportunities to drive Dexcom CGM data into the heart of new digital solutions for payers, providers, and most importantly people with diabetes."

A number of innovative companies have already integrated the API including One Drop, Nutrino, Tidepool, Rimidi, Evidation, Ensa, and App Practice. In each case, the user must authorize the access and use of CGM data. Dexcom envisions the API empowering an app ecosystem that delivers users with an ever-growing ability to interact and analyze their glucose data. Potential and existing use cases include:

  • clinicians access to glucose data on smart phones
  • patients' ability to receive automated personal insights
  • patients' ability to review how food choices impact glucose levels
The Dexcom API is RESTful and uses OAuth 2.0 for Authentication. Endpoints include calibration entries, device information, estimated glucose values, user-entered events, and summary statistics. To learn more, check out the API docs.

Those interested in learning more about existing use cases for the Dexcom API should check out Dexcom's app gallery. For developers with an app in mind, look into getting started. Dexcom has conveniently provided a sandbox and a timeline for scopes and access to help developers understand the process in interacting with the Dexcom API.

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