Dexterity Ventures Inc. Releases GIVE_api v. 2.0 for Easy Philanthropy

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Dexterity Ventures Inc. (DVI) has released the newest version of the GIVE_api, which provides access to the information that DVI has gathered on more than 1.6 million charities across North America. The XML/JSON web service gives developers the ability to quickly add philanthropy into a web or mobile based application.

A free tool, developers can use the GIVE_api to facilitate giving and social good for their customers, employees, vendors, and partners. Users can search for, obtain information about, and give to the charity of their choice with our GIVE_api integration.

“With a few simple calls to our service, developers can provide their users the ability to support the organizations that matter the most to them,” said Adile Abbadi-MacIntosh, Chief Technology Officer at DVI. “For example, mobile game developers can add a charitable giving feature to their games, or enterprise app developers can boost company CSR efforts by facilitating direct donations.”

The GIVE_api facilitates payments through the Place2Give Foundation Payment Gateway, and donors are given instant tax receipts. Through the GIVE_api instant notification (GAIN), the host also receives instant notification of all donations made on their platform. The GIVE_api also allows for cross border donations to Canada and the US and accepts all payment types.

Organizations like Fundrazr and Give A Mile have used DVI technologies for their social good projects. The GIVE_api has also been used to support funeral home tribute pages, where donations can be sent in lieu of flowers. Developers will also be able to use the GIVE_api at The Change Tank, a social good idea and pitch event to be held in Calgary in May 22-24.

The GIVE_api can also be customized for different needs. For information on the Premium GIVE_api, please contact us directly at

In addition to the release of the GIVE_api v. 2.0, DVI has also launched a developers resource tool to help define how to connect to the GIVE_api, and define the available methods/functions available within the GIVE_api. This tool can be found at

For more information about Dexterity Ventures Inc. and the GIVE_api visit

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